Meditation for Prosperity and Abundance | Attract Wealth

Meditation for Prosperity and Abundance | Attract Wealth

This guided meditation for prosperity and abundance is designed to assist you link and exhibit with the energy of wealth and prosperity (as it subsists in the area of pure awareness) so there you should start to receive, attract and manifest more wealth, happiness, and prosperity in your life.

Attract Abundance and Prosperity

One of the first things to understand about prosperity and abundance is that it does not merely mean having a copious amount of money. Some examples of prosperity and abundance are living a healthy and fruitful life, having many wonderful family members and friends so you are never lonely, or having a soul-satisfying job or business.

Having an abundance mindset means that there is plenty to go around for everyone whether that is wealth, happiness, or prestige. People who have abundance are very optimistic and hopeful about the future.

The opposite of abundance is scarcity and that is the belief that everything is limited. Believing that money, love, and prosperity is limited causes one to constantly worry about what the future holds for them and their loved ones. There is a fear of missing out with the scarcity mindset and one may make fear-based decisions. It is important to train your mind to allow prosperity and abundance in and scarcity out.

To attract prosperity and abundance in life you will need to rewire your subconscious mind and clear out any negative or toxic thoughts, worries, and feelings. Here are 5 different ways on how to attract prosperity and abundance in your life.

1. Clear Your Head

Our minds are constantly being flooded with thoughts about work, school, and negativity on the news especially today with health constraints. It can be very difficult to block out the toxic energy around us and focus on our own goals and aspirations. Clearing your head through meditation will help allow you to rid your mind of old, limited, and scarce thoughts. It can be difficult to let go of the worries, anxiety, and stress but utilizing quiet meditation time can help open yourself back up to mindfulness and positive awareness. Take this time to think about exactly what you want to attract in life whether that is health, wealth, or happiness.

2. Use Prosperity’s Affirmations

One way to use prosperity’s affirmation is to keep a gratitude journal. Start at the very beginning, or the end of the day, and write down several things you are grateful and blessed to have. Examples can be a roof over your head, a healthy family, or that you have a very successful and fulfilling job. Write down prosperity affirmations that are statements of acceptance that help manifests your destiny. Put as much positive energy into these statements as possible and find time during your busy day to reflect or think about life’s blessings and opportunities. It is important to know and believe that making these changes is possible, and not just something to put only half of your energy in.

3. Law of Attraction

Understanding the law of attraction is a fundamental and key component to attract beautiful principles such as prosperity and abundance. The law of attraction is foremost expressed as “Captivate whatever you setout your consciousness and Zeal to”. If you are consistently putting out toxic and negativity into the world you can guarantee the same elements will be coming straight back to you. Notice when those give out positivity, generosity, and love they often attract the same things in their lives. Giving to those that are in need and spreading positivity in life can help manifest and attract visible results in your life. Think about the things that make you happy and give out the same energy to help spread abundance and prosperity.

4. Appreciate Abundances in Life

Another way to attract abundances in life is to fully accept and appreciate what you have. You can think of small or big things in life that have made you who you are today. It is important to go to a limited mindset and think about all the things you are lacking or haven’t received from the universe. Instead, open your heart and reflect on the greatest blessings and experiences in your life from family, friends, and wealth. Money for some can be an abundance but is only one small physical element to the practice. Being mentally wealthy is essential to having a positive and prosperous lifestyle. Never forget to write down things you are thankful for in a diary or reflect on them with a guided meditation.

5. Focus on What You Want and Desire

This final step allows you to truly focus on your wants and desires and not about things that you are lacking. Think about short-term and long-term goals that can be geared towards money, relationships, and employment. Never give up on your desires and wants and retrain your mind to not focus on the things you are lacking. Saying “I hate my job or boss” will just continue to draw out more negative aspects to the job that you do not like. Instead, focus on how to make changes and to control your destiny. If you are not happy in your current situation think about what you can do to move forward or leave for something more positive. Never give up on your hopes and dreams and focus on the abundance and prosperity of your future!

After attracting prosperity and abundance, the process makes it easier for meditation. in detail, how meditation helps to bring prosperity and abundance in life. Please go through the below to know how mediation plays an important role in every aspect of life.

Meditation for Prosperity and Abundance

Attract abundance and prosperity

Meditation is an important everyday tool that can be used to help eliminate stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts. Whether you decide to meditate in the morning, night, or throughout the day it can be beneficial for positive and constructive thoughts and overall happiness about life. Gaining mindfulness and awareness through the life-altering practice can help you to live moment by moment instead of worrying about the uncertainty in the future.

As you begin your meditation practice, some of the immediate differences you will notice include better sleeping habits, a sharper memory, and lower blood pressure just to name a few. One of the most relevant meditation principles is prosperity and abundance. Adding prosperity and abundance into your daily meditation and affirmation is a great way to attract inner wealth and contentment in life.

How does one incorporate abundance and prosperity into their lives? One way to do this is by listening to a guided meditation that focuses on inner wealth and connecting to life’s biggest blessings. Meditation helps to align the body and heart with your soul and allows you to open yourself to the prosperity and abundance that is present within and around.

Practice Meditation

Practicing meditation for prosperity and abundance can be completed in the morning or night time before bed as a calming and relaxing exercise. Make sure to find a quiet or peaceful place for about 15 minutes or so where you will not be disturbed. Next, find a comfortable position to sit in crossed legged, laying on your back, or kneeling. Allow your mind to turn off any other thoughts about work, stressful situations, and worries and close your eyes.

During the guided meditation be sure to breathe deeply and focus on the feelings of empowerment, clarity, positive engagement, and gratefulness. After the guided meditation is over sit back a moment and reflect on the personal experience. Do not go right back into the stressfulness of life but instead remember the feelings of calmness and relaxation and continue to think about positive things throughout the day.

Lakshmi Mantras for Wealth and Health

Goddess Lakshmi for Prosperity and wealth

Another great way for those that are looking to incorporate prosperity and abundance in their lives is to develop a mantra. A mantra expresses as respect or prayer to the Hindu goddess of wealth or money and prosperity Lakshmi. Having a mantra to repeat each day will help to combat any old, limited, and toxic beliefs that are buried in our subconscious.

If you are focused on your current state of misery and scarcity it will be difficult to attract abundance and prosperity. Opening your heart and retraining your neuropathways will allow you to tune into all of life’s possibilities and be ready to recognize and receive both abundance and prosperity. Here are some examples of mantras that can be repeated daily or weekly to open your heart and soul to these very powerful principles:

  • I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, and beautiful in every way
  • Abundance and prosperity are my birthrights and I have it
  • Receive the abundance that supports and surrounds me
  • I let go of all protection from flourishing, and it comes to me normally
  • Myself a magnet for joy, love, harmony, and abundance

The importance of having an everyday mantra to live by is to attract more love, vibrational energy, and success into your life. But, you do not need to limit yourself to one mantra and can have several that are repeated each day or week. Get creative as possible with your mantras and develop ones that truly are relevant to your everyday life. There is no right or wrong way with mantras if you accept the affirmations by listening to them in a deep and meditative state.

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Overall, there are many great benefits to incorporating abundance and prosperity into your daily meditation routine. However, it is important to reset the mind and attract the same positive and vibrational energy that is being put out. I appreciate the little things in life and be grateful to be on an exciting journey with unknown blessings yet to come.