Being eternally positive self- love affirmations are a keystone to a healthy, happy, and successful life. Therefore, affirmations for self-love are an interesting and amazing tool for feeling better about yourself and your place in the universe.

We all have our doubts, anxieties, stress, sadness, and various fears. We all need people to love and care for us. Yes, we all feel rejected, hurt, and alone at some times in our lives, even if we are surrounded by others. It’s nothing new and all good.

Indeed, all of this is totally natural, nice, and yes normal too. As we take our journey through life, we will continuously break and form relationships. That’s because, this gives new dimensions, perspectives, and aspects of life.

We meet new people, time and distance make it difficult to stay close to distant friends and family, so old friends often fade away.

Even marriages sometimes come and go, so affirmations for self- love is a love we take with us forever. First, we must pay attention to notice which current patterns of behavior are working against our best interests.

We might also want to know what aspects of our well-being, we must struggle with so we can create affirmations that are likely to have the biggest impact for us Second, we must feel motivated enough to do something in life and be always.

Use of Positive Affirmations

Once we have accepted that the subconscious is not always on track with what we want for ourselves, we can work on “fixing” the problem through the repeated use of positive affirmations. Randomly repeating just any old positive affirmation is not enough to result in significant change. But,  if we want our positive affirmations to be successful, we need to learn how to construct these statements in the right ways.

This way, our positive affirmations are more likely to lead to more positive actions, emotions, and experiences. So keep these tips in mind when constructing positive affirmations. This is why it is so important to practice positive self- love affirmations if you feel that your love of yourself is missing.

Let’s understand the following points of affirmations for self- love, below mentioned are as under;

  1. I enjoy every moment to the hilt
  2. I try to smile my stupidity and silly jokes I hear
  3. Life is interesting, fun, short, and rewarding
  4. I am unique and I feel good about being alive
  5. I try not to hurt intentionally

45 lists of Positive Affirmations for Self Love

self Love for Affirmation
Affirmations for self love

51. Amazing opportunities exist for me in every aspect of my life.

52. There are no such things as problems, there are always solutions.

53. I love hurdles; they bring out the best version of me.

Positive Affirmation

55. I have something special to offer the world

56. I am a wonderful human being I feel great about myself and my life.

57. My life is full of endless opportunities for success and happiness

58. I release the need to judge myself negatively opportunities for success and happiness

59. I am proud of myself and choose to view my life positively

60. My body is my best friend and I choose to nourish my health

10 Affirmations for Self Love

10 Positive Affirmations for Self Love

71. I choose to be all smiles no matter what the situations are?

72. I am self-motivated and nothing can deter my focus

73. I can choose happiness whenever I wish no matter what my circumstances

74. I act with confidence having a general plan and accept plans are open to alteration

75. I am free to choose to live as I wish and to give priority to my desires

76. I can forgive and understand others and their motives

77. I am not a football of other’s opinion and I don’t care what others think about me

78. I am flexible and open to change in every aspect of my life

79. I let go of negative thoughts and feelings about myself

80. I am doing the best I can with the knowledge and experience I have obtained so far

53 Affirmations for Self Love and Happiness

  • I appreciate everything I have
  • I am courageous and nothing can deter my spirit
  • Each day I notice I am more self- discipline
  • I am focused and persistent. I will never quit
  • I am energetic and enthusiastic
  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect
  • I get immense peace and joy when all by myself
  • Inhale confidence and exhale fear
  • Celebrate my birthday with poor kids
  • I am flexible. I adapt to change quickly
  • I have integrity. I am totally reliable. I do what I say
  • Improving my self – esteem is very important
  • I am competent, smart and able
  • I believe in myself and my friends nearby
  • Feeling good about myself is normal for me
  • I recognize the many good qualities I have
  • I see the best in other people
  • Having respect for myself helps others to like and respect me
  • I love who I have become
  • I am always growing and developing
  • My opinions resonate with who I am
  • I am congruent in everything I say and do
  • I deserve to be happy and successful
  • Being confident in myself comes naturally to me
  • I have the power to change myself
  • I can make my own choices and decisions
  • Others like and respect me
  • I am worthy of having high self-esteem
  • I believe in myself
  • Speaking my mind with confidence is something I just naturally do
  • I deserve to feel good about myself
  • I know I can achieve anything
  • Liking and respecting myself is easy
  • I enjoy being self – disciplined
It’s OK to make mistakes and they are opportunities to learn
  • I treat others with kindness and respect
  • Always I see myself with kind eyes
  • Always I deserve good in my life
  • I am a unique and very special person
  • I am religious and observe fasts regular basis
  • Always I follow through on my promises
  • My work gives me pleasure
  • I give praise freely
  • I am respected by others
  • Each day, I am becoming more self-confident
  • I rejoice in my uniqueness
  • I attract praise
  • Each day, I pursue my hobbies even if it’s for half an hour
  • I appreciate myself
  • I connect with toddlers and kids easily
  • Each day, I become self-reliant and self-dependent
  • I connect with pets easily too and can spend time with them for hours
  • I like to connect with neighbors and like my time spent with them
5 Affirmations

139. I like to enjoy good songs and listens to music very often

140. I like to enjoy seeing flowers and plants

141. The more I practice loving myself, the more lovable I become

142. I allow myself to feel deeply

143. I attract positive and loving people into my life

144. Practice self-compassion when I do not succeed

145. I am blanketed in the Universes’ loving energy

146. I can say no when something does not serve me

4 Affirmations for Self Love and Happiness

151. I am exactly who I need to be in this moment

152. Overcome challenges with grace and ease

153. I allow myself to feel deeply

You need to love yourself before others can begin to love you it’s a really simple concept and one must believe and practice in affirmations for self- love in it very firmly. Also, relationships with friends, peers, coworkers, lovers, relatives, acquaintances, and friends can be meaningful, but all too often they are transient.

There is only one person who will always be there for you in life, and that is yourself. Throughout your life, you will have a relationship with yourself. It is your choice whether this relationship is s contentious, bitter, and an angry relationship. Or whether this is a relationship filled with self-love.

What are the Affirmations for Self Love?

So what are the affirmations for self- love and let’s understand how they are a key to a happy life? If you can’t love someone you live with 24*7 for your entire life, how can you expect anyone else to love and care for you?  When people lack self-love, they open themselves up to all sorts of negative aspects and issues.

Lack of self-love will lead to a lot more stress and anxieties in your body. This can cause all forms of mental and physical ailments. Additionally, people who do not love themselves also open themselves up to a host of psychosomatic ailments.

They do not believe they deserve to be healthy and happy, so their minds provide them with illnesses they subconsciously think they deserve. Also, the lack of love also fosters negativity and ill intentions. Also, people feel they are unworthy of love from others and begin to do things that actually do work to keep others away

Positive Affirmations for Self Love

Let’s understand positive affirmations for self- love should be spoken out loud and repeated.

Speaking reinforces our learning processes and increases the likelihood of our subconscious actually hearing our request. Because, adding other sense perceptions helps even further. For instance, lighting a candle or a stick of incense each time you repeat your affirmations is a way of signaling your subconscious to pay attention

Ringing a bell before speaking your positive affirmation aloud is another way to further awaken more senses and enlighten one’s knowledge. But by creating a ritual-type of situation that is repeated consistently and linked with the affirmations for self- love, you are signaling to the subconscious that you want its attention.

So are abstract adjectives such as “better.” Keep your positive affirmations simple, and construct your sentences in the present tense. Because, lofty ideas may wow the conscious mind, but the subconscious is more easily influenced by statements about the present.

Avoid Negatives in positive affirmations for self-love

The subconscious can get mixed up with negatives and what you really mean by them. For example, if your positive affirmation states, “I am not sick anymore,” and your subconscious may focus on the idea of being sick because that is the subject of your affirmation.

The same goes for “I am not poor,” where the subconscious thinks the message is “being poor” hence it continues to provide what it thinks you want, and which is more poverty. Hence choose your message carefully to ensure your communication with your subconscious leads to positive change and discontinuation of the negative thinking patterns.

So, create positive affirmations for self- love that focuses on the solution and not the problem

A statement such as “I am done with toxic relationships” might backfire because it focuses on bad relationships, and not good ones. Instead, your affirmation should state the most positive outcome, such as “I am building healthy and balanced relationships that are a win-win for both of us,” and or “My relationships are happy because we share the pleasures and responsibilities of our life together.”

The goal of your positive affirmations for self-love is to state your desires as valid and real, but without focusing on your dissatisfactions about how things are going at present. Therefore, state the improvements you want to see in your life, and not the bad things you want to improve.

Create positive affirmations that are specific, simple and direct.

Your subconscious knows how to achieve what you want, but it needs direction. It does not need to be told explicitly how to achieve those ends, but it does need guidance. “I am wealthy and very elated” but is a simple positive affirmation, and if you are looking for a new, well-paying job, and be as specific as you can be.

Once you have positive affirmations for self- love that you feel good about, try it out and see how it makes you feel. If it doesn’t make you feel better, and rework your affirmation until it does.