How to Stop Being Lazy and Be Successful in Life

How to Stop Being Lazy and Be Successful in Life

To begin with, laziness is nothing less than a negative virtue in all of us and so most of us become slaves to this habit. Besides, laziness kills people inside very badly, so the sooner, you are out the better, you become as a person. And it would be indeed sad when people become slaves due to the poor lifestyle and age-old customs of just lazing around.  So, how to stop being lazy is the biggest question in our heart and of course mind. Obviously, it’s not strange that laziness is also termed as sloth, ineptitude, idleness, or whatever synonyms come to your mind.

Indeed, the idea of doing nothing when things need to be actually done is often considered to be a sign of grave weakness, indecisive, confusion, instability, or shirking.

Sometimes, laziness happens in our life because we become absolutely demotivated and very unhappy due to the circumstances.  Mainly, it happens when you don’t want to face something. Yes, in a way its escapism too, and people who do so are called escapists.

So, now you would ask how to stop being lazy?

Well, you must start doing chores that you find very boring and mundane.

Let’s say any kind of boring domestic chores, a chatterbox neighbor, irritating noises outside the home, or a difficult confrontation with someone.

If you inculcate this habit of being super active then laziness is just a word that would automatically appear from your dictionary.  

How to Overcome Laziness – It’s Not Difficult

Also, laziness might be also because you feel overwhelmed and very worried thinking that the task needs a whole team rather than just you.  

And then there are those times where you really just can’t be bothered about laziness. In any case, it’s simply not a desirable trait and one must try to avoid it at a very early stage. Make your goals manageable, achievable, simple, and very realistic so that you don’t turn gloomy.

Setting unrealistic goals, paths, or dreams and taking on too much can lead to stress and burnout. So, don’t expect that you will be absolutely perfect, but use positive conversations instead of negative self-talk, self-pity and create an organized plan of steps or activities.  

Use your strengths, bravery, conviction, and inner stamina, recognize your accomplishments along the way, ask for help, if you seek and avoid any unnecessary distraction. So here’s the basic problem, we believe, we have a choice between being achievers or just succumbing to laziness very easily. In the prevailing cultural view, being an achiever means we’re successful, content, rich, and happy.  

How to Stop Being Lazy: Some Positive Dose

Being a lazy person means we’re a loser, failure, and demotivated.  We don’t want to be losers in life rather become highly successful people. Yes, as achievers, we want to win and have a stable life wherever we choose to stay. But this divide between winners and losers achievers and lazy folks is an illusion born of ignorance. The reality is we can be both a lazy person and an achiever, or we can be neither.

We can’t be one or the other. Self-compassion, self-help, self- care, not self-criticism, will inspire positive growth. Motivating yourself to be productive isn’t always easy and simple. So, some days, inertia takes over and the last thing you want to do is conquer or finish your to-do list. Maybe you have a tough time motivating yourself to do chores around the house, exercise, or start that big project for office work. But whatever tasks you struggle with the most, it’s possible to overcome laziness and be your most productive self at home, at work, at the gym, or wherever you choose to go.  

Also, a great place to start your productivity journey is with this advice from therapists, psychologists, counselors, and coaches who spoke to Woman’s Day about how to motivate you through even the toughest of tasks. Ultimately, laziness, oversleeping, and over-thinking are signs of mental imbalance and instability.

Things to be Done when Feeling Lazy

You can follow following steps to avoid being lethargic and lazy. Eventually, this leads to a happy and very happening life.

Set a 5/10-minute alarm in your table clock.

All have shared some variation on the idea that you should tell yourself you’ll work on the dreaded task only for a designated time period and then you cease doing it.  Indeed, small research has found that young adults who reported being fatigued all the time felt more energetic and less tired when they exercised at a gym regularly.

When you feel like overcoming laziness think of it as a habit and not a disease then conquering it would become easier.  Also, before we explore ways to overcome laziness, it’s helpful to understand the main basic causes of laziness.  What makes laziness so pervasive are the many expressions it can take: Maybe you’ll realize the problems aren’t as big as you imagined, or that you can break them down into smaller chunks, and it will be easier to get started tackling them.

It’s important to hear these voices or thought patterns and to accept them without judgment or criticism. Behind each voice is a message. These sentiments provide information, nothing more. Let’s view on each thought model and find ways of how to overcome laziness.

Don’t give it up ever in life. It’s one thing to find your motivation and another to get it automatically by walking out of laziness. But it’s quite something else to keep it going when the going gets tough, especially in the face of unforeseen problems.

Realize that interruptions happen, often for no reason and they’ll upend your efforts. Rather than letting setbacks demotivate you, see them for what they are and refuse to be flattened by them. You’re not alone and staying focused on working through challenges is one of the best ways of coping and bouncing back.

Remind yourself how badly you want to achieve your goal, aim or set tasks, seek help where needed, take stock of what you have already achieved and then refuse to give it up come what may.

You can overcome a distracted mind by reminding yourself that you need to accomplish the task at hand. Do not waste time thinking, just take action.

Once you start doing what you need to, you’ll get into the groove and start getting work done quickly. You imagine the muscular body you will have after working out in the gym. Use a picture of your ideal body, or maybe a piece of desired clothing you want to fit into, and look at those whenever you are feeling like skipping your exercise, yoga, or even gym appointment.

How to stop being lazy? So, what is the exact mantra?

Let’s follow the following steps on how to stop being lazy and become successful and positive in life.  You must always drink cold water when you feel very lazy. That’s because the water stimulates your brain, increasing the want to move around and get your things real fast done. Also, if you do not work or need to leave your house first thing in the morning, set your alarm to wake up at a decent morning hour.

You must always dress as if you were planning to leave the house; get out of your pajamas before leaving the bedroom. Also, make your bed so it doesn’t encourage you back or add to the general slovenly feel of your room.

You must make positive changes to the place, where you stay so that people get attracted and feel happy. This feel-good feeling gives you ample joy and pleasure.  Also, surround yourself with people who uplift you, whether it is through media, technology or otherwise. The love, support, care, help, and constant encouragement of others can boost your inner strength.

Also, try to think of the downsides of not working to achieve your goal in the long run. This will give you a sudden surge of determination.

How to stop being lazy: Put your alarm on the other side of the room so that you have to get out of your bed to stop the alarm. Also, practicing meditation can help reduce laziness by improving your level of alertness, calmness, and your awareness of the present moment as you pay attention to your breathing, posture and five senses, as well as your capacity to control and focus your thoughts, emotions, and level of positive energy.

Consider getting rid of your laptop, cell phone, radio or television.

The pain is worth the gain, so much extra time will suddenly become available to you to pursue all manner of exciting things, let alone the lack of temptation to lie around watching it constantly. Write down your goals so you always have a reminder of what you are working toward. Set aside time each day to review and check your materials, extensive study, and reward yourself each week if you met your set study goals.

How to stop being lazy is a question we all face in our daily life. Well, it’s mainly a frame of mind and actually very easy to eradicate this nasty habit.

  • Stay motivated
  • Stay relaxed
  • Setting your mind straight
  • Focus on the actual problem
  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Practice Meditation
  • Waking up early mornings
  • Eating food on time.
  • Meet good and positive people
  • Getting geared up

Learn to reward yourself for the very unimportant things you complete or even try. Occasional rewards will sweeten and also develop your liking towards the task and help keep you on the right track. If you manage to do something that you didn’t do it the day before or that you were absolutely dreading, you definitely deserve a nice treat or party.

By rewarding yourself after completion of even the small milestones along the way to the big one, you build in an automatic reinforcement that you’re doing the right thing. Also, keep most rewards simple but effective, such as extended tea/coffee breaks, catching a nice inspiring movie, splurging on a calorie-laden snack (once in a while!), or other similar things.  

Also, leave really large rewards for the overall achievement or endpoint as these will act as an obstacle in your long term goals. In addition, by using self-rewards or points, you’ll train your mind to actively seek working before the reward.