50 Money Affirmations To Attract Wealth And Abundance

50 Money Affirmations To Attract Wealth And Abundance

As the festive season begins here is another chance to renew our belief in affirmations. I have seen people change their worlds with positivity simply by training their conscious and subconscious mind using affirmative statements. These money affirmations change your inner self into a magnet to positivity, prosperity, and well-being.

Doctors have spoken of the benefits of positive thinking on overall health for ages. There have been miracles which have saved the lives of many around us, by the sheer power of the mind. Philosophers and spiritual gurus have consistently spoken about how thinking positive and banishing all negative thoughts brings you closer to your life goals.

We have heard many examples of how celebrities write these positive affirmations or money affirmations on their mirrors. Every time they look at the mirror, get ready, start for the day, they are reminded of these positive or money affirmations that they have chosen for themselves. Imagine every day you start with that positive vibe, that positive energy. Every day you remind the Universe what you want, and the universe is compelled to give it to you. I have even heard that many inspirational people employ these backstage helpers, whose only job is to remind them of how good they are, so they boost their confidence before entering the stage and rock their presence every single time.

And this doesn’t just stop at health or spiritual awakening or performance. This is applicable as much to our materialistic desires. Who doesn’t want the house of their dreams? That new car? That dream holiday destination that you always wanted to visit? That diamond necklace you wanted for yourself? That happiness to sleep without worrying about finances? No matter how cliché, as it may sound, going from rags to riches, is every man’s dream. And the rich want to be even more abundant and powerful. Money is powerful. It indeed is essential. And if these wealth affirmations could in any way bring you a step closer to your more prosperous self, it’s very well worth it.

The Science Behind Money Affirmations

Yes, you read it right! It’s not all make-belief, it’s not just words. Every single thing I am expressing through this article is backed heavily by science and research. Every single day when we sleep, the time when we have just gotten up and time when we are about to sleep, our mind goes into a subconscious state.

At this stage, we are at our learning best! The mind is open to hearing and absorbing what is fed into it. It is like a sponge to the thoughts we feed it with. Much like a small child, who is busy learning from the world around it and busy learning from the words he or she hears, our mind is busy absorbing thoughts and building a behavior which we would manifest in our conscious state. We will recreate that in our daily life, in action.

There have been numerous theories, practical experiments, and studies in this area. If I start writing about them it could be a thesis on its own. So much widely discussed and practiced it is. I would however like to mention two of the studies here.

The Self-affirmation theory was first introduced by psychologist Claude Steel in the 1980s. I urge you to go ahead and search this up on Google to understand the amount of research that has gone behind this field. I would like to explain in brief for your benefit here. Steel highlights that people, in general, are mainly concerned, and I quote here, “of their global sense of self-worth”. If they see a threat or something they are worried about, it can be reduced by affirming an aspect they relate to. Self-affirmation reinforces them with a sense of belonging to their deeper self and needs. Re-establishing a positive image and adequacy reduces the stress or unrest an individual goes through.

Another such study was done by Christopher N. Cascio and his team in 2016. This study goes much deeper into the mechanics of Self Affirmations and how exactly do they work. The study used advanced imaging techniques like functional MRI to study the neural activity of the people who were taken as participants for this experiment. These participants were asked to practice self-affirmation for a period and the changes in their neural activity were recorded. The study confirmed that these affirmations increased brain activity related to, and I quote again here, “positive valuation, self-related processing, and emotion regulation”. Not only that, but this experiment also proved that the participants became more receptive to health messages to reduce a sedentary lifestyle than those who did not practice self-affirmation.

In the modern era, advanced psychological and scientific fields like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC) also extensively talk about the benefits of self-affirmations and support the practice on a daily basis

How to Choose your Money Affirmations?

Now that we have no doubts in our mind about the effectiveness of affirmations both from psychological as well as the scientific points of view, let’s quickly discuss how do you choose or create your own affirmations.

When it comes to creating your personal affirmations it’s very important you make it very focused on you and powerful enough to drive results. Though there are no specific rules you need to follow to arrive at positive lines, there are some guiding principles that would help you arrive at the best form of this tool.

Principle 1: Always make the affirmation focus on your-self. Avoid using words like “we”, “us”. Use words like “I” “me” “I am”. Using these specific words that point towards yourself make your affirmations very strong and motivating.

Principle 2: Use only positive words in your affirmation. For instance: instead of telling “Bad things won’t happen to me”, say “I attract good vibes” or “My life is full of delightful experiences”. I cannot stress enough the value of positive words throughout this article. Affirmations are in themselves an embodiment of a positive attitude, so adding negative words to them defeats their purpose.

Principle 3: Specific affirmations work better than vague affirmations. No doubt that all kinds of affirmations have a positive impact on your being, and you could practice both specific and non-specific self-affirmations. However, there are things which work better than others. For example, “I will become a millionaire this year” works better than “I will earn more money”

Principle 4: Always make your affirmations keeping in mind what YOU want for yourself. Affirmations are all about your own values, your own desires, and your own winning path. Following the desires of others for writing your affirmations would make it mere words. You won’t resonate with what is written there. It is very important you believe in what you write and that would come only when you do it with your own thought and not please the desire of other significant people in your life, no matter how close they are.

Principle 5: Keep your affirmations Short and Simple.  When you write down your affirmation in a single line and have only the important keywords in it, it makes it more specific and it makes it simple enough for you to follow daily. Writing long paragraphs for each affirmation not only is cumbersome but it’s also confusing. Somewhere between that sea of words, the crux of your affirmation is lost. It’s better to keep your affirmations short and simple for you to repeat every day and for the universe to help you achieve it.

How to Practice your Affirmations?

Now that you have chosen your affirmations, let’s understand how to practice it to reap its maximum benefit. It’s very simple to follow. Five key things I want you to focus on here

  1. Make your affirmation a part of your daily routine. Telling your affirmations one day and then forgetting about it the other day won’t be of any use.
  2. Make sure you repeat your affirmations daily at-least 2-3 times. Of course, telling them as many times as possible throughout the day helps to a much greater extent, but 2-3 times a day should be your bare minimum.
  3. It’s even better if you say your affirmations in front of a mirror, reinforcing the thought to yourself
  4. Avoid being in a hurry while telling your affirmations. Remember, it’s not a task. It’s a way to manifest your desires.
  5. Tell your affirmations with assertiveness and let your body and mind absorb the words.

List of 50 Money Affirmations to Start your Wealth Journey

As you read through this article you would have understood that money affirmations change the way you perceive and pursue money. It enhances your thought about money. From worrying about how to manage your monthly expenses, you start thinking about creating abundance. It conditions your mind to start looking for more opportunities to grow. It helps your mind focus and helps you in deliberating the best financial habits. The positive vibes turn you into a powerhouse. But nothing proves the point more than trying it and seeing the benefits yourself.

Here is a list of 50 money affirmations to get you started. You can build upon this list, as they say – the sky is the limit.

  1. I am blessed with wealth without measures
  2. I can achieve my financial goals without putting much effort
  3. Money is attracted to me and finds its way to me every time
  4. The money will come to my life in unexpected ways
  5. Wealth is flowing to me easily
  6. I am rich in health, wealth, and love
  7. I live in prosperity
  8. I always make more money than I can ever spend
  9. I become richer every day
  10. I am working my way to my financial freedom
  11. I forgive myself for my past money mistakes
  12. I am going to be a millionaire
  13. I am free of all my financial debts
  14. Money loves me
  15. I have a life full of luxury
  16. My wealth sources keep increasing every day
  17. I am richer today than I was yesterday and will be even richer tomorrow
  18. My lockers are nothing less than abundant
  19. The universe will shower me with unimaginable prosperity
  20. I receive more money than I can spend
  21. My bank balance is always skyrocketing
  22. Making money comes to me naturally
  23. I am free of all financial worries
  24. I have the power to make money
  25. I am about to receive a fortune anytime now
  26. Wherever I go money follows me
  27. I am a reservoir of talent and fortune
  28. I attract fortune and it comes to me to stay
  29. My persona attracts good vibes and good fortune
  30. I see unlimited cash in my accounts every single day
  31. I am blessed with an abundance
  32. I have the gods and goddesses of good fortune looking after me always
  33. Every day I am a step closer to the riches of life
  34. Richness is my second name
  35. Abundance flows through my body
  36. I spend with both hands still my cash keeps on increasing
  37. I have built upon a life full of fortune and it grows every day
  38. I will be blessed with a sudden pot of luck tomorrow
  39. I will be getting an unexpected lottery tomorrow
  40. I will get hidden fortune this week
  41. Money comes to me as honeybees are attracted to flowers
  42. To all my loans will get cleared
  43. I will have a life which is free of debt, worry, and issues
  44. My lockers are filled with gold and diamonds
  45. I will become a millionaire/billionaire
  46. I will find hidden treasures this week
  47. I have made many channels for money to flow to me and no channels for money to reduce
  48. I am a giant powerhouse of abundant cash
  49. I receive a fortune from all corners without any effort
  50. My richness is growing at an exponential rate

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