30 Weight Loss Affirmations For Positive Life

30 Weight Loss Affirmations For Positive Life

That dreaded word “Weight” which scares men and women alike, and women in particular! Find me a man who dared to ask a woman “have you put on weight?” and was left to live in peace for the rest of his life. Jokes apart, there is no one, irrespective of gender or age, who wants to be at the receiving end of this question. A Blog on Weight loss for affirmation really brings you positivity and happiness in life.

Let no one put you down!

Excess Weight and Obesity have been a problem faced by innumerable people all around the world. It negatively affects a lot of aspects of our lives – be it physical wellness, morale, self-esteem, confidence, or mental wellness. It so very deliberating to us as individuals that we start living in depression. It goes without saying that all of us are different, we come in different shapes and sizes. And no one has the right to make you feel bad or low just because you are overweight. It might not be as easy for a person to reach their ideal weight.

How one person’s body reacts to exercise and diet will be so different from how another’s reacts to it. The initial steps you need to take towards a healthy you are – to start accepting yourself as you are, being positive about your body, and then target to improve your health every day bit by bit.

Let’s Start the Journey – Affirmations for Weight Loss

While I say – “Let no one put you down”, I also want to emphasize the importance of getting healthier for long and happy life. There are numerous benefits of getting fitter (note I mention here getting fitter and not only losing the flab). There is no need to list them down like every one of us knows the benefits, but it’s always good to re-iterate.

Ever wanted you were able to zoom through your daily chores, so you have a lot of time left to do things you love to do? Perhaps pursue your hobbies, spend more quality time with family and friends, start your new business. All these come when your body has enough energy to support your dreams. Making your body lighter and fitter will remove all the lethargy and laziness in you, give you the extra boost you needed. Increased stamina, here we come!

Power of the law of attraction

Maintaining ideal weight ensures you stay away from a lot of diseases. Deadly and life-threatening diseases are caused by Obesity – High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis to name a few. And no one of us should have to live with such diseases.

Getting up every morning feeling pain in the body, instead of feeling refreshed? Feeling heavy throughout the day adding to the aches? Well, melt that extra bit of fat and see how the body pain melts away with it.

Relief body pain
Improved Sleep

Having that extra weight can add a lot of pressure to your respiratory system. You might have heard how overweight people suffer from sleep disorders like sleep apnea. You need a good night’s sleep for you to feel healthy and energetic, however, these disorders do just the opposite. They drain out all the energy from your body leaving you’re exhausted all day long, every day. If losing weight gives you that extra life, it is worth all your efforts.

When your body feels its best, your mind performs its best. Experiments have proved that when people lose weight, their brains start working more efficiently. Your mind is refreshed and body free of diseases, letting your brain to concentrate and perform better.

Better physical appearance does not only mean how your body looks when you are slimmer. As you get healthier and more fit you will start seeing a remarkable improvement in your skin and hair. Your skin will start looking more fresh, supple, and younger. Your hair will start looking much healthier than it was before.

Body Building

Ideal Weight? What is it?

So many times we speak about ideal weight. But what exactly is your ideal weight? Again, there are many BMI (Body Mass Index) calculators on the internet which suggest if you are obese, overweight, normal weight, or below normal. These calculators arrive at the ideal weight based on your height, gender, and age. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that the BMI of a healthy person should be between 18.5 –  25.

To calculate BMI simply divide your mass (in kilograms) by height (in meters)

I am not mentioning the ideal body weight formula in the article, as different institutions/doctors/health workers choose different models to arrive at the ideal body weight. Most famous of them are the Lorentz, Robinson’s, Miller’s and Devine’s formulas. Hence using BMI as an indicator makes it simpler and more universal.

Weight Loss Affirmations? You got to be kidding me!

The weight-loss mantra is simple – exercise more and eat healthily. Then what is the weight loss affirmation all about? Well, like any other affirmation, weight loss affirmations work by adding positivity to your attitude. And Positivity brings with itself the determination, energy, and can-do attitude with ease.

If you think losing weight for you is difficult, it will be difficult. If you think you can do it easily, you will be able to do it in no time. There might be a lot of subconscious thoughts blocking your energy. These might have been rooted deep inside you by the society, by the comments of people criticizing you for your weight, by your own mind looking down at your body every time you look at the mirror. These positive weight loss affirmations work by removing the negativity caused over time and bringing in you a new life and a new determination to reach your goals.

Which Affirmations would Work for Me?

While arriving at your customized list of weight loss affirmations, there are few things to keep in mind.

1. Choose the affirmations you relate to – Affirmations work best when you relate to them and believe in them. Having someone else choose your affirmations won’t help you because you may or may not relate to them. Hence, choose the ones you understand and believe in nature.

2. Affirm in the present tense – The use of present tense in your affirmations makes your mind think you need to do it right now, and not plan for something in the future. While any kind of affirmation is good, affirmations like “I am losing weight now” work better than “I will lose weight this year”.

3. The power of “I am” – Using words like “I am” in your affirmations makes it more focused on you. And that’s how it should be because affirmations are your own personal list and you need to own it.

4. Repeat your affirmations daily at-least 2-3 times – It is very important that you are regular in practicing your affirmations. Not only do you need to remove the pre-conceived negativity in your mind but then also plant the positivity. That would require a daily reminder. Repeat your affirmations at-least 2-3 times daily and more if you can. Make sure to relax your mind and be peaceful while saying your affirmations to get maximum benefits.

30 Sample Weight Loss Affirmations

Here is a list of weight loss affirmations you can use to kick start your weight loss journey. And here is a huge “all the best, you can do it!” from all of us at Archtogrowth!

  1. I am eating healthy every day to lose weight
  2. I am getting fitter day by day
  3. I am losing my excess fat
  4. I look good and I love myself
  5. I am feeling healthy
  6. I am feeling energetic
  7. I exercise every day to become stronger
  8. I am losing excess weight and becoming more confident every day
  9. My body is getting free of diseases
  10. I am getting physically fit
  11. I am ready to walk 10k steps every day
  12. I choose to be healthy and fit
  13. I am achieving my weight loss goals with ease
  14. Exercising comes naturally to me
  15. Getting slim is easy and I am doing it
  16. I am making the right choices when it comes to what I eat
  17. I am making healthy choices every day
  18. I am determined to go to the gym every day
  19. I am exercising to my full potential
  20. My body is getting in great shape
  21. I am mindful of what I eat
  22. I look more beautiful/handsome every day
  23. I am getting to my ideal weight
  24. My confidence is growing daily
  25. I am fitting better into my lovely clothes
  26. I am looking at my best
  27. I am feeling light and joyful
  28. I love looking at the mirror because I am happy at what I see
  29. My skin is glowing from inside
  30. My body is attractive

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