30 Affirmations for Women | Positive List

30 Affirmations for Women | Positive List

Do you think positive affirmations for women do not work?

Read on and be ready to be surprised!

Amelia Earhart – the first female pilot to conquer the Atlantic Ocean

Grace Hopper – one of the first women to hold a PHD in mathematics, ex-admiral in US Navy

Ella Fitzgerald – the first woman who made winning a Grammy a reality for African Americans

Althea Gibson – the first African American to play at Wimbledon

Junko Tabei – the first woman to show the world that even women can climb mount Everest

J K Rowling – the author of the bestseller series Harry Potter

Oprah Winfrey – the first female African American person to become a Billionaire

Malala Yousafzai – the human rights advocate fighting for the benefit of women and children

Laxmi Agarwal – the acid attack victim, International Women courage award recipient, an NG owner

Ellen DeGeneres – one of the most famous television personalities

And many more…! Thousands of names, one thing in common – “WOMEN

These women personify strength, grit and determination. These women teach us the real meaning of womanhood. They show us how beautiful and empowering being a woman is. They show us what it means for a woman to step up against all the adversities she might face and shine like a gem.

Being a Woman is not Always Easy – Positive Affirmations for Women

It important we acknowledge that there are several challenges a woman faces every day. It is difficult for each of us in some way or the other. Below is just a summary of what a woman might have to deal with in today’s world :

  • Income Disparity: there are still a lot of places where women are paid much lesser than men for the same job, even if they are equally qualified and productive.
  • Harassment at work and outside: There has been a massive callout for the protection of women. However, the harassment and abuse cases have been on the rise every year. The violence can be physical, emotional, mental, and can take any form or shape.
  • Stereotyping: Women are still meant to be “the pretty thing” and not enough credit or attention is being given to their abilities and talent in many places. You will often hear people saying – “it’s a man job”, “women are the weaker sex” no matter how many times this is proven wrong.
  • Ignorance: Many times the voice of a woman goes unheard. When women speak out their minds, quite often their ideas are being shunned, their opinion being discarded. The rationale behind this remains a mystery to me.
  • Criticism over Body image: It is expected that women in society always look their best. They should look pretty, well maintained, fit, and jovial. It leads to further objectification of women in our society.
  • The struggle of managing both work and home: To this date, women are considered the sole owners of all responsibilities related to their homes. No matter they are working women or homemakers, both face the brunt equally.

A Beaten Self Esteem

With so many adversities, we as women often start engaging in negative and self-demeaning talks. We have overscheduled calendars, we overburden ourselves and at the end of the day, we go to bed overwhelmed by the struggle. We start doubting our abilities. This leads to a lot of sadness from within. We start pretending to the world that everything is perfect, but deep down inside, we lack the satisfaction, the content, and happiness.

It’s time we take our fates into our hands and rise above all odds. Every woman deserves to be happy and we need not rely on society to make that happen. Question every person who stands on your way to success, let no one put you down. Walk that extra mile to prove your worth. Let the world see you rise and shine!

Affirmations for You, the Woman of Substance!

The power of positive affirmations for women is recognized worldwide. In a world full of challenges, self-affirmations give you a ray of hope. They cleanse your mind and body of all the negative thoughts and give you the extra push of positivity you need to embark upon your own personal journey of excellence.

Here is a list of 30 positive affirmations for women. Choose the ones you relate to most. Or, make your own affirmations. Let your soul connect to your affirmations. Repeat your affirmations with a lot of conviction every day, as many times as you can. Repeating these positive lines for yourself as little as 2-3 times a day works wonders!

Below is the list of positive affirmations for women. Let that woman inside you breathe, let that woman inside you realize how powerful she is, let that woman inside you feel the happiness.

  1. I am the owner of my life
  2. I am happy from within
  3. I succeed in every task I take
  4. I deserve to feel safe every day
  5. I am working towards my goals every day
  6. I am worthy and financially independent
  7. I am free of all self-doubts
  8. My work is unique and appreciated
  9. My happiness is in my hands
  10. I am a free-spirited woman
  11. I love my womanhood
  12. I face all my challenges with ease
  13. I am beautiful and I look more beautiful every day
  14. I am gaining rich experience every day
  15. I am intelligent and have the ability to achieve great heights
  16. I am confident of my looks
  17. I am truly blessed
  18. I am appreciated for all my hard work
  19. My work is rewarding
  20. My heart is filled with peace and calm
  21. I am one of the most powerful women I have ever known
  22. I am one of the most talented women I have even known
  23. I receive love from all my family and friends
  24. I empower myself
  25. My body is a temple of beauty and talent
  26. I am a reservoir of energy
  27. I love being a woman
  28. I am a woman of strength
  29. My world is full of opportunities for women like me
  30. I attract happiness and blessings

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