35 Positive Affirmations For Men | Daily Affirmations

35 Positive Affirmations For Men | Daily Affirmations

It may be surprising for many of us that things like ‘Positive Affirmations for Men’ exist. Why do men need affirmations?  Confused? Read on to know more…!

Where patriarchy is rooted in every aspect of our society, it becomes difficult for one to imagine that the men in our society can have any kind of issue. We often hear slogans of women’s rights, cries from various corners to help improve the fate of women, feminist activisms by many famous institutions and personalities.

While it is so very important that women rights are protected and the women in our society are treated with respect and equality, we need to keep in mind that men can be vulnerable too.  Men face their own set of problems, their own set of barriers, and their own set of challenges. Let’s take a quick look at what could these be.

The Other Side of the Coin

Women are no doubt facing the brunt in various walks of life and my heart goes out to the painful experiences but lets me try to shed some light on the other side of the coin too. Here’s a flavor of what issues men could face in today’s world:

  1. The burden of unrealistic expectations: More often than not, men are expected to be handsome, rich, smart, and good at everything. They are supposed to be the pillars of the house. Failure to meet these expectations make society question your capabilities and their manhood. There is no place in this society for a man who is not able to show his superpowers to handle any kind of hardship or tasks, no matter it interests him or not. Such stereotyping can only cause damage to the morale of any person.
  1. Trading their dreams for the responsibilities of the family: We have heard numerous stories of how women had to give up on their careers, their desires to fulfill the responsibilities towards their family. Well, what goes unsaid is that men make sacrifices too. They give up on their passion so that they can take up a better paying job to earn for their family, they give up their interests to save that extra money to let their kids fulfill their dreams. Many do it and gain more satisfaction. However, there are many who do feel a pinch but can’t speak about it due to fear of being misunderstood.
  1. “Boys don’t cry” – the cliché mindset: From childhood kids of the male gender get to hear this to condition their minds to become stronger. This forced masculinity can be toxic! Do you realize how much pressure the small kid must take up at that tender age to hide his tears just to meet the expectations parents and society builds upon him? And it’s just the beginning. From there on year after year, he is expected to grow into a symbol of strength, no matter how broken or shattered he might be deep within. 
  1. Financial commitments: It goes without saying that men are looked upon as the providers of the house. It becomes the sole responsibility of the man to be able to earn enough to take care of the parents, wife, and kids. With an increasing population and a limited number of jobs, unemployment is an issue faced by men and women alike. However, it could be more deliberating for men because of the sheer financial expectations upon them.
  1. Health Issues: Health is another big factor that affects both men and women. But due to various factors, the health issues of men are not much spoken about. How often do you see campaigns raising money for the health of men? Likewise, how often do you see men being open to discuss their own health issues? Either the age-old ‘manly’ response comes into play or simply it gets overshadowed by the issues of women.
  1. “He must have done something, poor girl”:  Lakhs of domestic violence cases hit the courts every month. Most of them get the same initial response from people around us “poor girl, it must be him! How could he do this? Men will never change”. Wait, every person has equal rights regardless of gender. Do your homework before jumping to conclusions. Men can be the victims too. But this stereotyping causes a lot of pressure on the minds of men who might not have committed any crime at all but are just caught in the situation.
  1. Depression – no gender is immune: For reasons mentioned above, and many more which I would have not listed here, it becomes very easy for any person to slip into depression – men and women alike. Studies have shown that women are more like to be victims of anxiety and depression than men, however, men are better at pretending that everything is fine. It’s important to understand that accepting that you are facing a problem will make you no less of a man. It will only help you realize your dreams and deliver your responsibilities with ease.

Positive Affirmations for Men

With so much to get bogged down with, it’s easy that our minds get accustomed to living in negativity. You might not even realize when you stopped thinking good about yourself when you started sacrificing your dreams and even worse when you start losing hope.

I am putting together this list of ‘Positive Affirmations for Men’ to help you fight through this with ease. Positive affirmations are simple positive sentences about yourself, which have the potential to turn you into a  powerhouse. When practiced every day, in no time you will notice that these positive affirmations have removed all the negative thoughts you might be carrying in your subconscious mind. It reprograms you to be able to use your positivity as energy to steer forward and be the best version of yourself.

The list of positive affirmations for men below serves as a guideline to give you an idea of how these affirmations look like. Choose the affirmations you relate to most, make your own affirmations, be regular, repeat them daily as many times as possible, and see the magic!

  1. I am always confident in whatever task I do
  2. I live my life on my own terms
  3. I am valuable and have a lot to offer
  4. I am powerful
  5. I am living my dreams
  6. I am wealthy and peaceful
  7. Happiness comes naturally to me
  8. My soul is satisfied with whatever I do
  9. I am the author of my own destiny
  10. I am proud of who I am and what I do
  11. I am valued by my friends and family
  12. I am getting more successful day by day
  13. I embrace myself and my masculinity
  14. I have a magnetic personality
  15. Opportunities come to me with ease
  16. I am making the right choices in my life
  17. I live in an environment of happiness and joy
  18. I am brave and I do not let others control me
  19. I am respected and appreciated for being myself
  20. I am above all pretense
  21. I am financially blessed
  22. Money comes to me with ease
  23. I am blessed and free of all worries
  24. I am living a healthy and fulfilling life
  25. My life and beliefs are valued by everyone
  26. My blessings are ever-growing
  27. My body is free of diseases
  28. I am doing excellent in my career
  29. I am living the life of my dreams
  30. No one can stop me from achieving my goals
  31. Success is attracted to me
  32. I am getting the best and I deserve the best in life
  33. No problems are big in front of my abilities
  34. I am confident in all situations
  35. I am assertive, strong and I excel in every aspect.
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