The Power of Your Subconscious Mind | Brain Power

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind | Brain Power

In this article, we would explore what is the difference between the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious mind and more importantly, how we can program or use our subconscious mind to help us reap astonishing benefits. Read on to know how the power of your subconscious mind is.

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Difference between the conscious, unconscious, and the subconscious mind

Our mind has various level s of consciousness. Let us understand what each of these mean.

Conscious mind: The most obvious form of our mind is the conscious mind. This is what makes us aware of our surroundings, is responsible for our beliefs and thoughts, and defines what our actions would be. A lot of wonderful things like what we feel, how we perceive things, what kind of memories we build all have their roots in our conscious mind. The conscious mind bases a lot of these perceptions on our environment – like what we hear or see or understand from what is happening around us.

Unconscious mind: The unconscious mind goes much deeper than the conscious mind. It is very difficult for anyone to fully know what holds in their unconscious mind. Most of the thoughts that we have suppressed inside us, most of the feelings that we did not allow to come out – maybe because of social stigma or because of fear or just because we don’t want to encounter those thoughts, feelings or behaviour; go and find their home in our unconscious mind. We may forget that feeling, but when there is a trigger, these suppressed expressions find their way to out. Ever overreacted on some mean behaviour by a friend or colleague and later felt there was no reason for you to react that way? Well, that may just be because of some thought suppressed in your unconscious mind which got triggered by this mean behaviour. Ever called your partner by mistake by your ex’s name, well again this is most commonly known as the Freudian slip, and is a consequence of a trigger from your unconscious mind. Some theories also suggest that all out past life events and all the memories related to them become our unconscious mind.

Subconscious mind: The subconscious mind is our second nature. It takes care of how we live every day, without the need for us to be aware of it. A very simple example would be how we breathe. We don’t have to think when we are breathing, it happens automatically. However, if we want, we can control the way we breathe. Similarly, all our actions, reactions, that happen automatically, are because they are programmed in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious minds make us unique and distinct. It is responsible for our behavior, our dreams, how we are feeling at present, what are we thinking. It also controls 99% of our activity. Like breathing, it also regulates most of our automatic body functions. It is a powerhouse! And it is upon us to best use this tremendous in-built resource of ours to make our lives better.

The power of your subconscious mind needs some reprogramming to for better results to manifest our thoughts and ideas.

Re-Programming the Subconscious Mind:

No matter how difficult or strange it may sound, we can indeed program the sub-conscious mind for the better. We are nothing but a manifestation of our thoughts. Our subconscious minds are so controlled by our thoughts that we become what we think; we become what we tell ourselves we are. So it is very important to watch what you think and what you say the whole day. You believe it or not, all day long your sub-conscious mind is recording your words and forming itself to behave as you are speaking.

Let us see some examples to understand this better. I have seen numerous time people dealing with their miseries with self-pity. They keep saying “my health is so bad” “I cannot recover” “I am a mess” “I feel so weak”. Believe me, most often than not, they actually never feel healthy. And it is more because of the fact that they are not telling their body and mind that they are strong enough to fight the disease. In the process they lose the will-power, they lose the strength, and their sub-conscious mind loses its power to heal. Try the opposite, tell yourself “I can handle this”, “I am recovering”, “I am getting healthy day by day”, “I am strong”, “I am happy” and see how soon your mind and body start supporting you! Our subconscious mind has all the healing power we need. Let us take this opportunity every single day to empower our sub-conscious minds to heal us from within.

Let’s take another example. How many times you have faced a difficult task and said to yourself “I can’t do it”, “It is too difficult”, “I will fail”, “What will people think if I can’t complete it”. Well, your subconscious mind does not filter these thoughts. It imbibes it as it comes. All this negativity starts building its roots in your subconscious mind and stays there. It becomes your second nature to start thinking of loss or start thinking you will lose – and ultimately you will.  So why not try the opposite again? Tell yourself “I can do it easily”, “I have the capability”, “I am doing an excellent job”, “I will be a success”, “I am working hard and smart”, “I am becoming successful”. Trust me and try this for yourself. There is nothing to lose in trying, and once you see the benefits, once you see the magic, you will make this wonderful habit a part of your living!

Our conscious mind is the precursor for our sub-conscious mind. If in your consciousness you are thinking of the best of things, your subconscious minds will work towards getting you those best of things. If you feed your conscious mind with negative thoughts, you will program your subconscious mind to pull you down. Adding positive empowering thoughts is a wonderful sub-conscious mind exercise and you should do it every day.

Some quick things to do to program your sub-conscious mind:

To know the power of your subconscious mind you may feel you need to do a lot of things. But with small things done properly, you will feel the power and be successful in your thoughts and actions

Here are some quick things you could do to charge up your subconscious mind to perform in your favour and make you a shining star!

  1. Try guided meditation techniques to release the power of your subconscious mind – There are many such techniques available online for you to try. But something as simple as using 5 minutes daily for silent meditation, thinking of only positive aspects, would do wonders.
  2. Talk to your sub-conscious mind – Talk deliberately to your subconscious mind. Tell it what you aspire to and what positive things you want from life. Trust me, it will listen to you. In no time you will see those dreams coming true. No, I am not saying it would just appear in your life, but it will give you all the strength and resources you need to make your dreams come true. It will attract all the positive vibes.
  3. Tell yourself daily your mind has all the healing power you need – Yes, believe in yourself and your mind and tell yourself that you are getting healed by your own inner strength. Activate that reservoir of energy you have within you. Be your own pillar. Be your own idol. Be the captain of your ship.
  4. Be thankful – be thankful for what you have and remove all the resentment you have in your thoughts. Being sad and angry about situations won’t do you any good. Rather focus on all the good things you have in your life and start thanking God, your environment, and yourself for all these wonderful gifts.
  5.  Imagine your lovely future – Give your sub-conscious mind a goal, an image to fulfill. Imagine what it would be like for you to live that life you always wanted. And tell yourself you can do it easily. Your subconscious mind will give you all the support you need to start working towards your future.
  6. Be a solution finder, not a problem listing machine – No matter how difficult a situation is, tell yourself you can handle it. Think of how to solve the problem rather than how many issues you are facing.
  7. Think of your success as a reality and not a dream – Tell yourself your desires are going to be true. They are a reality of your life. They are not just a dream that you aspire for, but they are a part of your life which you would live and enjoy.
  8. Take it easy and practice relaxation techniques – Our minds are more receptive when they are relaxed. Adding too much pressure and coercion is just a source of anxiety. It adds unnecessary fear to your minds.  It pushes us to panic mode. Alternatively, try some relaxation techniques. While speaking to your mind don’t force your thoughts, feel it like a pleasant experience so your subconscious mind accepts it with ease and not with anxiety.


Hope this gives you a good understanding of what is conscious vs. subconscious mind; unconscious vs. conscious mind and also gives you a glimpse of how you can start reprogramming your subconscious mind for the best.  I look forward to hearing some success stories from you once you practice this in your daily lives.

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