Naked And Aerial Yoga : An Interesting Types of Yoga

Naked And Aerial Yoga : An Interesting Types of Yoga

Naked Yoga: In the current world, we’re constantly reminded of how perfect our lives must be. We have to eat the perfect food, post pictures on our perfect social media, and of course, have the perfect bodies. Considering this, it’s no surprise many people have such a bad time when it comes to taking a look at themselves in a mirror.

However, there are many ways to improve the way we see ourselves. One of the most effective ones is yoga because it allows us to physically move our bodies and get results that make us feel better about our bodies.

Among the different types of yoga, naked yoga can be quite controversial. Nonetheless, when it comes to improving self-esteem and feeling better about our bodies, it’s one of the best types you can practice. In this article, we will discuss why. Keep reading and find out!

1. It makes you look at yourself

When you practice naked yoga, you have to look at your own body while it moves. You see every limb stretching and see your skin moving around.

However, since you’re in control of your moves and the pace of each one of them, you will eventually feel in control of your body too.

Many people that practice naked yoga say they feel in complete control of their perception of themselves when they do yoga naked. It seems that looking at our bare skin allows us to feel calm and confident with ourselves.

2. It makes you have fun

Naked yoga is one of the most controversial types of yoga. It may sound crazy, but many people find that relaxing.

Lots of people around the world like doing controversial activities because somehow, they feel like they’re breaking the rules (or maybe bending them a little bit). Even if they don’t admit to everyone what they’re doing, they feel mischievous.

Thus, even though some people think naked yoga is odd, others just have lots of fun.

3. It makes you relax

Of course, like other types of yoga, naked yoga is highly beneficial if you want to relax.

However, it’s better than other types of yoga for this purpose. For example, if you’re afraid of heights, you might not feel relaxed if you practice aerial yoga.

Even if you feel uncomfortable practicing yoga naked, eventually you’ll get used to feeling everything in your skin.

Besides, it will give you a moment with yourself, you’ll be able to breathe and let go of all tension while you learn to experience the feeling of your naked skin.

4. It raises your self-esteem

Something many people don’t know about naked yoga is that it raises your self-esteem.

Considering that you’ll experience your naked body stretching and doing all the exercises, you’ll feel more empowered and confident.

At the same time, doing any kind of exercise like yoga makes you release different hormones and brain substances that are associated with self-esteem.

Therefore, if you haven’t practiced naked yoga and you want to improve your self-esteem, you could try it out and see if it works for you.

5. You can have an instructor or practice alone

Unlike other kinds of exercise, you can practice yoga at home with explainer videos. For example, the 3 Week Yoga Retreat and aerial yoga area great option if you’re a beginner.

Also, if you’re a beginner, remember to not push yourself too far. Your body needs time to adapt to every movement you make while naked, and it won’t happen overnight.

To start, you can try easy 15-minute yoga routines. Try to see it this way: what can you do in 15 minutes? Probably your skincare routine, or maybe prepare a fast meal. You could dedicate the same amount of time to doing naked yoga.

Although it will be a little hard at first, eventually your body will get used to all the movements. Besides, practicing yoga naked will bring you lots of emotional and physical benefits.

What if I’m not ready to be naked?

It’s completely alright. If you’re starting to do yoga, you might feel too uncomfortable to practice naked. We don’t want you to feel discouraged to do yoga just because of that.

Thus, you can buy yoga clothes and a mat to start, and promise yourself you’ll try naked yoga eventually. Sunshine Yoga and Noli Yoga are two amazing stores where you can check out all the merchandise.

The most important thing we recommend you buy is a mat. No matter what kind of yoga you practice, you’ll need a mat to avoid injuries and stay safe.

Since most mats are anti-slip, even if you’re naked and sweaty, you won’t risk falling.

Therefore, if you’re on a low budget or trying naked yoga all the way, remember to buy a mat so you don’t risk getting injured.

Naked Yoga Conclusion

The current world is constantly telling us to compare ourselves with unrealistic standards of beauty. Most of us don’t take any time to sit with our naked bodies and just be comfortable with them.

Besides, many people feel so bad about their own bodies they’re not able to look at themselves while being naked.

Thus, if you practice naked yoga, you can improve in many ways. You’ll feel more relaxed, you’ll have fun, get off the constant rumble of your head for a while, and eventually increase your self-esteem.

However, we recommend you buy a mat. You’ll need it if you’re doing any type of yoga, but especially naked yoga because it will prevent injuries.

We understand naked yoga can be an uncomfortable practice if you’re just a beginner. Nonetheless, it will make you improve in many ways and you’ll only experience the benefits once you try it.

After all, we all need some time alone to spend time with our naked bodies and thank them for life, for hosting our minds, and for accompanying us every single day. In this way, naked yoga is a way to thank our body for what it does for us.

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